2017 Mural - "An Evening on the Barlow Road Redux"

Designed by: Am Griswold 

The Artback repaired and installed its historic 2009 mural, An Evening on the Barlow Road. It suffered severe water damage from originally being placed in an inadequately protected location. It has been safely garage-stored since 2012. 

We were approached by the Philip Foster Farm in Eagle Creek, OR, a historic spot on the Barlow Road/Oregon Trail, to install this mural on the property. It was a perfect fit; a symbiotic partnership between the Artback and the Jackknife Zion Horseheaven Historical Society (JZHHS), which manages the Farm. The Farm is a registered National Historic Site. The mural was repaired, repainted and installed the week of July 16-23, 2017.

The bright colors of The Evening on the Barlow Road Mural catch the eye, and the content allows the viewer to reflect on the region’s heritage. The mural shows the pioneers out of their Conestoga wagons, relaxing by firelight at the end of a long day’s traveling. One can imagine them dreaming what their new land will be like, and enjoying the comfort of companionships cemented by the travails of the trail.

It is sited on the side of the existing wagon shed, facing Eagle Creek Road and the parking lot, where it is visible to passers-by and Farm visitors alike. It is a 24/7 visual explanation of the mission of the Farm and the importance of our local heritage to the community. It is a marriage of Estacada’s arts culture with its heritage culture- perfect!

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