Artback Artists Cooperative

The Artback Artists Cooperative was formed in 1992 by nine professional artists who joined together for a local exhibition.

Overwhelmed by the tremendous support for their first show, they realized they had the opportunity to play a major role in shaping the future of visual arts in our community while increasing civic pride.  They are dedicated to bringing art into the local arena to benefit and educate the largest and most diverse population possible. 

They have instituted a popular mural tradition that has successfully brought together individuals, businesses and organizations, while creating lasting imagery that reflects and strengthens the proud achievements of our community. They have grown and are now recognized throughout the community as a vital force in the cultural and economic direction of the town.

The annual Estacada Summer Celebration Arts and Music Festival was created in 2000 to celebrate the Artback's annual mural-in-a-weekend project, which takes place every 4th weekend in July.  

Values statement:
Creativity: We believe that creating beauty is physically and psychologically healthful for both the artists and the observers.
Excellence: We believe in integrity in our lives and our work, being true to our word, and creating murals of the highest standards.
Community Building: We believe that the murals create community pride, bring tourists to our city, and increase the quality of life in Estacada.
Teamwork: We believe it takes teamwork to coordinate a group of artists to paint one person's vision, and keep everyone enjoying the process.
Happiness: We believe that these values and our work create happiness for everyone in our community.
Diversity: We believe in being inclusive and open, embracing diverse ideas, art forms and communities. We do not discriminate in the makeup of our board or against any of the varied the individuals in the community we serve.

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Photos from the painting of the "Heart of the Clackamas" mural.