Mural #2:  1995 -  "Early Trains of Estacada"

Designed by: John Freese    

Located: South Wall, 367 SE Main Street

The history of Estacada can't be told without remembering the trains that brought the workers and equipment to build the Three Lynx Power Station in 1905. The trolley brought people out to Cazadero Station to spend the day in the country. 
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 Mural 2015 -  "The Early Trains of Estacada" Mural Redux
July 20-26, 2015

Designed by: John Freese    
Located: South wall, 367 SE Main Street

​This mural, our second one, was originally painted in 1995 using latex house paint. It is severely faded, and will be repainted with NovaColor mural paint to bring it back to life with long lasting, deep colors.