Que tus sueños te lleven a la vida que te haga feliz

The Dreams to a Happy Life

Que Tus Sueños te Lleven a la Vida Que te Haga Feliz will be painted in summer 2022
Reeva Wortel, Team: Giselle Guterrez, Celso Sanchez, Alice Muñoz
The Dreams to a Happy Life // Que tus sueños te lleven a la vida que te haga feliz

Dollar General Building
416 Broadway St

Summer 2022

About the Mural

The Que Tus Sueños Te Lleven a la Vida Que te Haga Felix Mural (Let your Dreams Guide you to a Happy Life) will be painted on Dollar General in Estacada, July 18-31, 2022 and will reflect the Latinx population in our community which has flourished as a dynamic presence in Estacada.   This mural is an opportunity for the Latinx community in conjunction with trained artists, to have control over their own narrative and set a foundation to eradicate the inequity caused by negative stereotypes.

Lead artist Reeva Wortel is collaborating with Estacada High School, Todos Juntos, Betesda church and Giselle Gutierrez and Celso Sanchez, two local community organizers. Alongside with Giselle and Celso, Reeva’s role is an organizer and teacher, designing pathways for the Latinx community to lead on what the mural represents about their histories and their futures. Five themes are represented in the design- family, faith, food, education and entrepreneurship.


Donors & Sponsors

July 4th 2022
Estacada Summer Celebration - We will be back next year! Check out upcoming events on the Estacada website
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Summer 2022
Lead Artist Reeva Wortel in collaboration with the Latinx community are creating the 2022 mural to celebrate the diversity of Estacada!
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