was the lead artists for the The Que Tus Sueños Te Lleven a la Vida Que te Haga Feliz Mural (Let your Dreams Guide you to a Happy Life) 2022 and a collaborative lead artist for the mural, The Tree of Life 2002. She was the lead artist in a 1996 interactive mural for homeschoolers in Ashland, and has worked on twelve Artback murals. An Estacada native, she is both a dancer and a visual artist, specializing in pastels and oil pastels. Reeva worked in collaboration with playwright Leigh Fondakowski on SPILL, a multi-media performance piece on the BP oil spill and its continued impact on the people and the environment of the Gulf Coast. She has a BA in interdisciplinary studies from Naropa University, Boulder. Reeva was the artist- in-residence at the Estacada Grade School in 2001 and at the High School and Junior High in 2012, working with the students on SPILL related curriculum.
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grew up in northern Wisconsin and lived in Miami, FL before moving to Oregon.  She started taking weekend oil painting lessons at age 10 and at age 25 was introduced the the world of clay which has been her main focus since, but still loves to paint and draw.
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Kolieha Bush

was lead artist for the Artback’s murals The Cycle of Wood Redux 2013, Celebration ‘98 and Bird Party 2007, and, with collaborators Reeva Wortel and Emily Hyde, The Tree of Life 2002. She works in a variety of mediums including bronze, papier maché, graphite on paper, charcoal and acrylics; her bronzes are on display in the Lawrence Gallery in Sheridan. Kolieha was invited to the 1996 pARTy in West Linn, and to the 1992 Bronze Invitational at Chemeketa College. She has been creating papier maché pieces to sell at the Oregon Country Fair for the last thirty years, has been painting for McMenamin’s since 1997 and is a member of the Spiral Gallery Cooperative in Estacada.
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was lead artist on the Artback murals Celebration of Summer 2018 and The Mushroom Forager 2012. She is a calligrapher and painter, specializing in watercolor and pen- and-ink. A calligrapher since 1974, Nolene studied with Thomas Ingmire and Julian Waters and is a member of the Portland Society for Calligraphy. She has been an Artback member since 2007. Nolene co-founded Estacada’s annual Festival of the Fungus, in addition to being the force behind the Teeny Tiny Film Festival. She earned an AA from Santa Monica College.


is a visual artist and musician. She recently completed an Artback “mini-mural” titled Moon Tree, and another mini celebrating the valor of firefighters for the Riverside Fire of 2020. She was co-lead on the 2020 Natural World mural, all located in downtown Estacada. She believes strongly in the power of public art and has worked on eleven Artback murals. Raised in Estacada, Francesca attended Mills College and has had three art shows in Portland.


is a talented silversmith and also creates digital art. She received her AA from Central Carolina Community College in organic agriculture. Mesa was one of three co-lead artists on the 2020 Natural World mural.
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is a multi media artist focusing primarily on painting and metal sculpture. Her love for traveling and the outdoors is a major influence in her work which incorporates natural landscapes and various flora and fauna. Sage believes that through the arts we can create a more unified and inspired community.
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participates in all kinds of arts and crafts and has been throughout her life.  Estacada has been her home since 2001 and enjoys each years addition to the cities murals. Marsha's dream was to one day be part of the experience.
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Using his travel and experiences in the desert and forest putting out wildfires from the air and ground allowed Karl to gather many images of wildlife and landscape that influence his work.
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has lived among the hills beyond Estacada for the past 30 years and never fails to be awed by their beauty. Her jewelry is at times as earthy and strong as the fir trees, and at other times as delicate and bejeweled as the dainty trillium.


started her first creative business at age 10 to finance the bike she couldn’t live without. Kerrie specializes in watercolor, mixed media, and digital art. She joined The Artback in 2015, during the restoration of The Early Trains of Estacada mural. She lives on a farm in Damascus, using the farm and its animals as inspiration for her work.
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earned her BFA from the University of Omaha, NE. She was lead artist on the Artback murals Kinzy Faire Garden 2000, Quilt Club 2004 and An Evening on the Barlow Road 2009. She is expert in painting and drawing and excels in ceramics. She creates pieces inspired by the solar system and the natural world. She is a member of the Spiral Gallery Cooperative in Estacada.